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Funduino 2560 R3 !!! ATmega2560 AVR USB ...

Funduino Funduino 2560 R3 !!! ATmega2560 AVR USB board +free USB cable (ATMEGA2560 /atmega16u2 )

Funduino Funduino 2560 R3 !!! ATmega2560 AVR USB board +free USB cable (ATMEGA2560 /atmega16u2 )  factory Funduino Funduino 2560 R3 !!! ATmega2560 AVR USB board +free USB cable (ATMEGA2560 /atmega16u2 )  factory Funduino Funduino 2560 R3 !!! ATmega2560 AVR USB board +free USB cable (ATMEGA2560 /atmega16u2 )  factory

Large Image:FunduinoFunduino 2560 R3 !!! ATmega2560 AVR USB board +free USB cable (ATMEGA2560 /atmega16u2 )

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Funduino
Model Number: LXX-0005

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Minimum Order Quantity: 10
Price: good price
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Payment Terms: TT ,paypal,ESCROW
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Detailed Product Description

Product Description

MEGA2560 2012 R3 is the latest version of the MEGASeries   controller, and the 2011 version of the distinction as follows:

Instead of 2011 version with chip ATMEGA16U2 ATMEGA8U2 , ISP FLASH capacity doubled, to facilitate more powerful expansion and development needs. ATMEGA16U2 In addition to traditional USB to serial port functionality, can also allow users to programmatically define other functions, such as the USB port is configured as a mouse, keyboard, joysticks, cameras, etc. Of course, these applications have yet to be team to disclose the specific implementation of the program.

The external interface in the 2011 version on the basis of an increase of SDA , SCL ( position of the left side in the AREF ) .IOREF interface to Shield a voltage reference. And in order to reserve a port compatibility consider IOREF the left side forproducts .

3.RESET circuit than the 2011 version have been improved. Prevent the RESET accidental reset RESET circuit is more stable.


Mega Profile:

Mega is a microcontroller development board an ATmega2560 for the core itself has set of 54 digital I / O input / output side (of which 14 groups do PWM output), 16 sets of input, four groups of UART ( hardware the serial ports ), 16 MHz, the crystal oscillator . With the bootloader , via USB directly download the program without other external programming. The power supply part may choose to provide power directly from USB or AC-to-DC adapter and battery as the external power supply.

As open source code, C language development environment using Java concepts (cross-platform) ,peripheral modules and the application of rapid growth. Attract Artist using   main reason is that you can quickly use the language with Flash or Processing ... and other software, communications, make interactive multimedia works. development IDE interface based on open source principles, allows you to download free of charge in the project work, school teaching, motor control, and interactive works.

Power supply design

 Mega power supply system, there are two options, USB power or external power supply. The choice of power supply will automatically switch. External power to select the AC-to-DC adapter or battery, the limits of this control panel voltage range of 6V ~~ 12V , but if the supplied voltage is less than 6V , I / O port may not be available to the 5V voltage, and therefore unstable; if to provide a voltage greater than 12V , the regulator device will be likely to overheat protection and are more likely to damage the the MEGA . Recommended operating supply 6.5 ~ 12V, the recommended power supply is 7.5V or 9V.

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